[Essay Help]: M9424 Human Rights Law In Theory And Practice

M9424 Human Rights Law In Theory And Practice. The assignment 2 project will be a case-study of a particular right. You should choose one right from the following:

Right to social security
Right to a healthy environment
Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion
Right to marry

The case-study should include a critical theoretical perspective and a critical practice-based perspective. You should undertake your own reading and research to identify, and then develop, your chosen theoretical and practice-based perspectives.

A ‘theoretical perspective’ can be any of the following:

An exploration of the meaning of (a) human rights principle(s);
An exploration of the relationship between relevant concepts or principles;
A discussion of the right in light of a particular theoretical school of thought;
A normative argument about how the right should be interpreted.

A ‘practice-based perspective’ can be any of the following:

A discussion of implementation challenges in a particular context of application;
A discussion of an example of strategic litigation pertaining to the right;
An exploration of a particular challenge in enforcement of the right.

In light of your discussion of both the theoretical and practice-based dimensions, you should draw conclusions about challenges and prospects for the future application of the right.

N.B. the focus of the case-study project should not overlap with the focus of your first assignment.

You are required to create a plan in order to receive feedback that can support your final submission. You will receive feedback on your plan from the course leader. As such, the feedback for this assignment is ‘feedforward’, to support your preparation prior to final submission. You will not receive individual feedback from the course leader on the final submission; you will receive a grade and the class will receive whole class feedback.


M9424 Human Rights Law In Theory And Practice

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