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Projects are part and parcel of an organization. As a matter of fact, every other business expansion proposal, investment or any other kind of development can be best achieved or undertaken in form of a project. Nevertheless, in a situation where a project does not align well with an organizational strategy; organization structure and culture, such project might in turn transform to be a corporate nightmare. In relation, the paper will discuss the alignment of projects with organization strategy and organization structure and culture

Alignment of projects with organization strategy

To start with, an organization strategy is a long term roadmap that defines and draws clear plan through which an organization will achieve its long term goals. The importance of a strategy in a business can never be underestimated. Also, it is prudent to note that without a good strategy, a business’ existence and long term plans can never be realized (Project Management, 2016). With this in mind, given that projects are part and parcel of business organizations, there arises the need to ensure there is an alignment of a business’ strategy and its project.

To achieve alignment, a number of critical steps need to be utilized. A process, involving stages right from the project planning process, must be well executed to ensure the alignment is done in such a way that there is no conflict between a project’s objective and the existing strategy of a business. The very first step is the outlining of an organization’s mission, existing programs and available resources. These steps include identifying all the important aspects of a business and hot they best fit the project’s mandate (Project Management, 2016).

After outlining of the most important aspects, an identification of what will work and what will not work in relation with the project need to be done.  This is done to ensure that anything that might give a conflict is eliminated in the earlier project planning process. This is important as it helps to avoid attempts for the aforesaid elimination in advanced project stages.

The next stage involves the determination and adjustment of various aspects. This stage involves a three step criteria that ensures that various elements of a project are coherently aligned with an organization strategy.  The first criteria are one that is meant to ensure that a project is substantively valuable.  According to these criteria, through the project, the organization must produce something of value to its clients at a low cost in terms of money and authority. The second criteria consideration is one that tests the legitimacy and political sustainability of the project. Lastly, the project must be operationally and administratively feasible.  As a matter of fact, the activities can actually be accomplished by the existing organization and others who might be induced to contribute to the organization’s goals (Project Management, 2016).

The last step is one involving the inclusion and actualizing the alignment. Here, the project management team must come up with a road map that best ensures the alignment works. Also, this step is the actual oversight that ensures all the adjustment in relation to the desired alignment is met. With these in place, an organization will successfully ensure there is an outstanding alignment of the projects objectives with the organization’s strategy.

Alignment of projects with an organization’s structure and culture

Just like for the case of organizational strategy, an organization’s structure and culture is one of much importance. As a matter of fact, the most successful organizations have been identified as those with good and outstanding organization structures and rich in organization cultures. Consequently, this calls for the preservation and maintenance of these two aspects. Similarly, just like the case for organizational strategy, projects can have a devastating effects of these two important aspects and hence the need for an alignment.

To achieve this alignment, during project planning, a number of things need to be done. For one, identification and outlining of possible devastations of projects of organization culture and structure is done. After this, an analysis is done to establish what will work and what will not work. This step is closely followed with a structured procedure of adjusting and aligning various project objectives and goals in relation to organization structure and culture. One thing to observe or one baseline to rely on is to ensure that all conflicting aspects of both the project and culture are well adjusted. This is to ensure that a stalemate between the two aspects does not arise (Project Management, 2016).

With an intensive and alignment an oriented adjustment, an actualization of the alignment is done. Together with constant monitoring, this step ensures that the project does not lead into conflicts with the organizational structure and culture.


Projects are crucial and as matter of fact, they are a will keep being an integral part in business and organizational development. However, project implementation does not come free of consequences. If not well monitored, a project’s objectives and goals will conflict with the organization’s strategy, structure and culture. Of most importance is to follow a clear and well-structured criteria so as to ensure necessary adjustments  are done in ensuring such conflicts are do not rise.




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Organization Strategy and Culture

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