[Essay Help]: PHI101 Introduction To Philosophy

PHI101 Introduction To Philosophy. Task:

From chapter one, I want you to explain the difference between myth, religion, and philosophy, as well as what it means to argue from a philosophical point of view rather than a religious point of view. Also, from chapter two, I want you to explain what logical consistency and logical possibility are and what these two concepts mean for argumentation in general. Make sure that you complete at least two short paragraphs for your response.

After you post your assignment, you will comment on two of your peers’ responses–at least one short paragraph. If you do not comment on your peers’ work, points will be taken off the grade for this assignment. If you see that someone already has two peer comments, comment on another discussion, this will ensure that everyone has at least two comments. Keep in mind that merely completing this assignment, as well as all other discussion assignments, doesn’t mean that you will automatically get all the points.

I will be reading and grading these for philosophical depth as opposed to mere belief and conjecture. Make sure that you also double-check your grammar and syntax.

PHI101 Introduction To Philosophy

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