[Essay Help]: POLS3111 Canadian Federalism

POLS3111 Canadian Federalism. What do you consider to be the main financial challenges facing public sector managers? 2. Critically examine the main elements comprising accountability in the context of public sector financial management. 3. Explain why public sector managers can be reluctant to engage in adequate formal risk assessments. 4. Explain the key constitutive elements of a budget cycle for the federal government and the various roles that different stakeholders play in this process. 5. Evaluate the objectives of financial and performance reporting. 6. Which historical developments have been most influential in shaping the Canadian public service? 7. Evaluate how the merit principle can be reconciled with equity considerations in managing human resources in the Canadian public service. 8. Critically evaluate what you have learnt as a result of taking this course.

POLS3111 Canadian Federalism

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