[Essay Help]: PP5563 Evolution Of International Relations

PP5563 Evolution Of International Relations.

This modules aims to provide students with a systematic and critical understanding of the main theoretical and epistemological debates that have defined the evolution of International Relations as an academic subject and the themes and problems that they have addressed, such to enable those who successfully complete the module to understand and engage in the main contemporary debates at an advanced level.

Students successfully completing this module will:

  • Have acquired and demonstrated a systematic understanding of the academic field of International Relations and how knowledge in that field has developed through a series of debates and critical engagements;
  • Have demonstrated an awareness of how different theoretical  approaches construct and develop knowledge of the subject and the main epistemological engagements between these approaches;
  • Be able to understand and evaluate critically debates found at the leading edge of the subject as found, for example, in recent issues of academic journals.

Essay Questions

Choose one from the following:

  1. Which perspective offers the strongest critique of neorealist claims about the nature and implications of ‘anarchy’?
  2. Is sovereignty an outdated political principle?
  3. Are post-colonial states really sovereign?

Assessment (presentatio n, Essay 1, Essay 2, exam, etc.)



Feedback mechanism and date

4.Exam (50% of module grade) tba  4. ‘International society’ is the central concept of the English School. What is ‘international society’ and how valuable is it for understanding international relations?

  1. How would you evaluate the contribution of long-cycle theory for understanding the challenges of order in the twenty-first century?
  2. With reference to one or more specific issues, how does normative theory help one navigate the ethical challenges of contemporary international relations?
  3. What does critical theory bring to the study of international relations?
  4. Critically evaluate the contribution of either feminism or post-colonialism to the study of international relations.
  5. What is the role for theory in the analysis of international relations?


PP5563 Evolution Of International Relations

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