[Essay Help]: Prepare a case study on Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan Treatment Plan a Prosthesis Surgery

Prepare a case study on Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan Treatment Plan a Prosthesis Surgery. Each case study has as a main objective the development of critical through and clinical judgement in each student.

The care guide is the written guide that organizes the information about the patient as a significant whole (holistic care). It is the main instrument for the nursing professional.

To construct the diagnosis, you just use the NANDA 2018-2020 tags that are provided in PDF format.

Use the hypothetical situation and read the instructions carefully.

  1. Utilizing the data of the hypothetical situation presented, develop a nursing treatment plan.
  2. Identify two health needs of the patiente, considering the priority of both; one is real and one is a risk, choose the ones with the most priority.
  3. Enumerate the objective and subjective data that serve as evidence for these health needs.
  4. Using the NANDA tags and the format included, write each one of the two nursing diagnoses, real and at risk.
  5. Write an expected result for each of the nursing diagnoses identified in the situation.
  6. Write (organized by priority), at least five nursing interventions that must take place to achieve the two expected results. Include one that involves prevention and aims at the promotion of healthcare education within the family.
  7. Include the scientific rationale behind each intervention.
  8. Write an evaluation (hypothetical) for each nursing diagnosis based on the expected result.
  9. Write the progress note for this client.


Mrs. Romero, a 65-year old widow, finds herself drowsy but aware, pale skin and slightly cold. She is complaining about pain and the cold. She went through a right hip prosthesis surgery. She has an NPO order, with an 100 mL glucose and water solution administered through an infusion pump. She is being administered a Ciprofloxacin antibiotic. She has a lateral dressing in the upper right thigh and hip with a Hemovac drain. She has a Foley catheter with transparent and ambar-colored urine. She is accompanied by Mrs. Morales, who claims to be her friend. Mrs. Romero lives on her own, as her closest relative live in a different country.


  1. Read unit IV, Chapters 14, 15 and 16. Of your text book.
  2. Create an introduction presenting and analysis the case from your point of view,
  3. Carry out a treatment plan using the situation presented.
  4. Write a conclusion explaining why you are deciding to intervene in a way you chose, justifying it with nursing theory.
  5. Include the references used to elaborate the response. No more than 5 years old, APA format, at least three.

Prepare a case study on Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan Treatment Plan a Prosthesis Surgery

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