[Essay Help]: Prepare a project on Constitutional Amendments

Prepare a project on Constitutional Amendments. The purpose of this project is to deepen your understanding of the Constitution and connect it to your everyday lives. Your task is to find 25 articles or examples in life that relate to part of the Constitution. You may use the entire Constitution, even the amendments. You may focus just on the amendments if you would like. However, these amendments have their basis in the Constitution, so you may find what you are looking for in the actual text. Only one article/example per topic. Also, the articles should be appropriate for your age. If you have to ask if it is appropriate, it is probably not.

You must then compile all of these articles or examples into a “book” or a single digital file. There should be one example on each page. You may cut out the article or example or take a screenshot of the article. If you take a screenshot make sure the web address is visible. At the top, state which part of the Constitution the article reflects. One the bottom, number your examples. Then you want to write a few sentences explaining the significance of the article and how it relates to the Constitution. To get the full credit you must demonstrate an understanding of the articles and concepts you are writing about. Plagiarized work will receive zero credit. See the examples below:

Article 1, Section 7, Clause 2 The Lawmaking Process

Full Credit Example: No Credit Example: Example is numbered

Correct Heading

Article from newspaper or screenshot of online article

Brief statement in own w

This article describes the process of how a bill becomes a law. One house of Congress must approve of it before they present it to the other house. This budget bill is on its way to becoming a law!

ords summarizing article and explaining relevance to a part of the Constitution

Law Making Process

“House narrowly passes a bill to avoid shutdown” -NYTimes

T=he article in the NYTimes talks about how a fiscal bill is becoming a law.


Plagiarized words from article and does

Grading Rubric:

For Each of the 25 Topics: Points Possible Points Earned

*Article or example is appropriate and from a reliable source *Correct heading (citation from Constitution)

*Summary of article/example & connection to Constitution is in own words – Plagiarism = 0

*Proper writing is used and free of grammatical and spelling errors

X 25 X 25


Missing required components/Incorrect heading


not show understanding of the law making process

Total 100 **Helpful tips:

-Read the newspaper or news sites for 10-15 minutes each day. You will begin to understand the concepts and be able to follow stories.

-Break down the project into manageable parts. For example, find 1 or 2 articles/examples a day.

Prepare a project on Constitutional Amendments

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