[Essay Help]: Prepare an analysis of Diet Tracking Apps

Prepare an analysis of Diet Tracking Apps. Computers and cell phone apps have become commonplace, making dietary analysis more accessible to millions of people. As a result, many diet tracking apps and web-based programs have emerged and are now readily available. For this assignment, you will analyze two pre-selected diet tracking apps or web-based programs. You must pick from the list which you will find in the file titled, “Directions for App Analysis.”

Each app and/or program you evaluate is worth ten points if you complete the assignment correctly. You can only evaluate an app/web-based program once.

ONLY USE THE FREE VERSION OF THE APPS/WEB-BASED PROGRAMS. DO NOT PAY. You may have to use the free week for some apps. For most, you will have to set up an account. If you need to enter height, weight, and sex, use the values in the instruction pdf. Do not enter personal data.

Three files are attached to this assignment. The pdf file explains how to complete each analysis. Be sure to read this file before you start. The Excel file contains the preset food list and two spreadsheets where you will enter the data. The Word file contains the consent form. You may agree or disagree with allowing Dr. Byerley to use your data. You must fill out the consent form.

Briefly, you will select an app/web-based program from the list in the instructions. You will download the app to your cell phone and enter the required data. The data is a preset list of food (you will find in it the Excel file) selected from the most common foods Americans eat. These may not be foods you eat, but they are the foods you need to enter into the app/web-based program. Once you find the food, you need to enter the phrase the app/web-based program used to describe the food into the attached Excel file on the spreadsheet titled, “Foods for App Analysis.” When you have completed entering all the foods, take a screenshot of the analysis, and enter that into the Excel file on the page titled, “Nutrient Analysis.”

Upload the consent form and Excel file in the assignment area and submit for grading.

If you analyze more than one app, use a new Excel file for each.

Prepare an analysis of Diet Tracking Apps

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