[Essay Help]: PSY-1150 Introduction To Psychology

PSY-1150 Introduction To Psychology. 1. Review the purpose of the study, and the methods the authors used to conduct the study- i.e., what were they investigating and how did they do it? This summary should be brief, outlining who the population was that they looked at (men, women, elderly, etc.), and how they conducted the study (surveys, experiment, etc.). You should summarize this information in your OWN words  Explain the results of the study- what did the author(s) find and what dothese findings mean? Thisexplanation should be written in your own words, without utilizing statistical values (i.e., do notreport things like “variable A was significantly related to variable B, p = 0.8”, explain what the resultsactually MEAN).

PSY-1150 Introduction To Psychology

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