[Essay Help]: PSY-1160 Introduction To Psychology

PSY-1160 Introduction To Psychology. B. Alternative Assignment (max 3 points): If you do not participate in the psychologyresearch participant pool, you may do an analysis and comparison paper using a journal articleand a popular article Find a popular, mainstream media article (magazine, newspaper, Internet)relevant to one of the topics we are studying this semester. Look at your chapter readings andbook to see the topics. Find one article from a scholarly journal that deals with the same topic.Read the article and write a three-page, typed, double-spaced analysis and comparison of thejournal article and the popular article. Use the APA Guidelines to cite the sources you use foryour paper. ! The references page and the title page do not count toward therequired three pages. There are APA links in Resources on Blackboard

If you do not know what a scholarly article is, then go to Leddy Library and go to the Reference
Desk and tell them you need to see a librarian who can help you locate a scholarly article!
Your analysis and comparison must include the following components:
1. Summarize the information contained in the articles
2. Evaluate the information in both articles by doing the following:a. Compare and contrast the information from both articles.
b. How were the facts supporting the author’s/authors’ claims derived? Were the sourcesof information cited?
c. Did the author’s/authors’ conclusions follow logically from these facts? Were therealternative explanations?
d. What future research can be suggested by these articles?

PSY-1160 Introduction To Psychology

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