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Questions Chart. Every day teachers are challenged with how to engage their students in meaningful conversations that prompt critical thinking. The purpose of this assignment is to address the varying levels of knowledge and skill building that occur during these vital conversations. In this assignment you will design questions that encourage critical thinking at all DOK levels.

Review the “American History Questions Chart” to inform this assignment.

Part 1: Questions Chart

For elementary grade 3 pick three American history standards of your choice. Complete the “American History Questions Chart,” creating four different questions for each identified standard.

Part 2: Reflection

In a 250-500 word reflection, provide a rationale for the questions you have developed and explain why it is important to pre-plan your lesson questions. Be sure to explain how teachers can use questions in different ways for varied purposes within lessons. Write your reflection beneath your completed “American History Questions Chart”.

APA format and plagiarism free.

Questions Chart

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