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Resources for Scholarly Research. Part 1:  Resources for Scholarly Research

Use the community organization you shared in the week 1 discussion to complete this assignment.

  • Use Wikipedia to find general information about the organization.  (Please keep in mind that Wikipedia is consider a secondary reference and should not be used as a resource in the scholarly work.  Still, it is a very useful tool to get you started).
  • Read through the Wikipedia entry to get a general idea of the history, mission, and scope of the organization.  Pay particularly close attention to any mention of community or philanthropic activities.
  • Write down any key terms you find in the Wikipedia entry that may relate to service-learning or civic engagement.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Wikipedia page and choose one of the articles listed in the footnotes (note: you can go back through the Wikipedia entry to find the place this source was used in the context of the entry).  For the most part, these sources can be considered as primary references (use your judgment here).
  • Search for the primary reference in the Grantham Library’s Ebscohost database or through Google Scholar.  Share one primary reference that you found from Wikipedia (not Wikipedia itself) and complete a citation in APA format.

Part 2: Six-Article Review

  • Find and summarize the Grow, Hamm, & Lee’s  “The Debate Over Doing Good” (in EBSCO).
  • Use your key terms that you generated through your Wikipedia search to search Grantham Library’s EBSCOhost and/or Google Scholar to find at least five additional, reputable articles to review as background information on community partnerships and community organizations.
  • Review each of the six articles you found based on the following:
  • The name of the author and article,
  • The purpose of the article,
  • The problem addressed,
  • The population addressed, and,
  • The results of the article.

Your review should include all six articles.  You should provide  a 100-150 word paragraph for each source addressing the each of the four key ideas in your summary. Each article should also include a reference citation in APA format.

Resources for Scholarly Research

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