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Respond Post To Other Classmate Only Need 2 Paragraph. Kristin Paskert parenting styles

1. The parenting style that my parents used when I was growing up was the, Authoritative style. The reason why I think this is because they were strict on certain things but also were in tuned to each one of their children.

2. The parenting style I would use for my children would probably be a mixture between the Authoritative style and the Indulgent style. This would look like; not so much strict but expecting holding my children to standards that are up to par in what i think but also allow them to have their freedom and create their own thoughts on things.

3. I do like how I grew up. I believe that my parents tried their best to protect me and my siblings. However, I am the type of person that I need to learn on my own so when I was growing up with this parenting style I was the child that rebelled. I would use this parenting style for my kids with a little more lenience though.

Parenting Styles

1. The style of parenting I received growing up can be best described as a combination of Authoritarian and Indifferent. This parenting came mostly from my mother as my father was constantly working as a farmer- My mother was mostly a “housewife”. She was very critical of me and would insult me often with name-calling and there was a lot of yelling. As far as the indifference, she was always detached and we never had a very strong bond. I should also note that I was adopted- Perhaps not being a biological child lead to a lack of attachment. My parents were never attentive to my school work, interests, or social life. They would often forget to pick me up after extracurricular or social activities.

2. The way I was parented has definitely shaped the way I parent today. My main goal every day is to make sure my boys know how loved and valued they are. My style of parenting would be primarily Authoritative with a little sprinkle of Indulgent. I am very attentive and I strive to teach my children how to become good humans, but I also want them to be independent thinkers and to learn by doing, which means they will make some mistakes. As for being indulgent, sometimes I can be a bit of a pushover and afford them too many liberties.

3. It was somewhat difficult to write about my personal experience of being parented. I do appreciate and love my parents and I think they did the best they could. I have struggled with anxiety throughout my life, and sometimes I have difficulty resolving conflict in a calm manner. On a more positive note, I think being raised the way I was made me a very independent and self-reliant person. It’s also made me strive to be the best parent I can be and my children will always know that they come first.

Respond Post To Other Classmate Only Need 2 Paragraph

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