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Short Essay. Analyze three Cinderella variants (485-504) in terms of one of the criteria listed on 484-485.

As you format your Works Cited page, use #33, p. 411 of your handbook, from two or more works from the same anthology. The length should be 500 words.

This short assignment will not be graded as an essay using the essay rubric because it is not an essay. This is comparable to the “journal” writing you may have done in English 1010. I will, however, return the paper with comments about significant issues. You are still required to use MLA documentation with at least 4 citations. Proofread for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.

Writing an analyze

Breaking into Parts

In the simplest terms, analysis is breaking something into parts to examine it. In order to do so, you must determine the basis which you will use for examination.  If you’ve had a physical , you have probably received an analysis of your blood work.  Someone took a sample from you (a small one but it felt like you were giving a gallon) and various tests were performed on that sample. Your doctor probably looked at the raw data and came to certain conclusions. If you had to write a literary analysis in a previous class, your instructor may have given you the basis for analysis. The assignment could have required you to break a story into parts and examine how the author used symbolism or language, or look at several stories by the same writer and analyze that writer’s style.  If you’ve watched Law and Order, you have seen the TV lawyers break down the facts of cases and apply legal rulings to new situations.  Analysis is at the heart of many kinds of academic and workplace writings.

The Next Important Step

When writing an analysis, it is not enough just to break a source into parts. The purpose of an analysis is to understand how something works, what it means, or why it may be significant.  The analysis is, in essence, an argument, based on what you have learned from breaking the source into its parts. This is the “So what?” part of your paper. You examine the parts; now, what are the implications? What are your conclusions? In other words, So what?

The first part of an analysis states what principle or definition is being used; the second part applies specific parts of the principle or definition to the topic you are working on (the analytical principle). Then – So what? The short assignment will give you a chance to analyze some of the dilemmas posed in this very challenging chapter.


Write an analysis, not a summary

Make your analysis systematic

Answer the “So what?” question

Attribute sources appropriately

Short Essay

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