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Soci 1120 Sociology. Introduction to Sociology: Course Paper Due online on AUG 2″, 2019 (online end of day)
The paper for this course involves research on a sociological issue. The purpose is to give you an opportunity to explore your interest as a researcher. The assignment is worth 20 percent of the final grade. Upon completion of the assignment, each student is expected to load their essay online onto BrightSpace.
Choose a social issue from the list below. First, describe the social issue in relations to Canada. Second, provide three sociological explanations as to why it is happening. Your sociological explanations should be from your research. Materials used in your essay should be extracted from peer reviewed articles or books). Lastly, suggest a social policy / initiative in which you would use to reduce the social problem.
Social issues
Aboriginal drug use Low income among immigrants Sexual harassment at work HIV prevalence among LGBT communities Depression among international students
The paper should be written in past & present tense. i.e. Chan (2010) revealed… The paper should be written in third person format. i.e. The perspective showed… Times New Roman, size 12 font, double spaced, one inch margin all around. Approximately (1200 words excluding references). No title page. Top of the first page should include: 1) name 2) student number 3) title 4) word count Page number: bottom centred
Reference Cite at least FIVE pieces of academic research (excluding textbook) in APA format Attach ALL your referenced sources to your online folder No Wikipedia or unofficial web content Assignments without sources attached will not be accepted for grading

Soci 1120 Sociology

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