[Essay Help]: SOCW 6111 Wk8 Discussion 1: Play Therapy

SOCW 6111 Wk8 Discussion 1: Play Therapy.

Children who have been abused or traumatized in some way may benefit from working with a therapist. Children often reenact trauma through repetitious play in order to establish mastery over their emotions and integrate experiences into their history on their own terms. Through the use of toys and props, children may naturally share their emotions and past experiences without feeling the pressure they might encounter with traditional talk therapy.

For this Discussion, review the course-specific case study for Claudia and the Chiesa (2012) and Taylor (2009) articles.

Provide a Discussion Post containing the following topics and headings:

–  An explanation of ways play therapy might be beneficial for Claudia.

– Using the insights gained from the articles, describe ways you might have worked with Claudia to address her fears and anxiety related to the mugging she witnessed.

Support your posts with specific references to the Learning Resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.

At least 3 References and Citations


SOCW 6111 Wk8 Discussion 1: Play Therapy

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