[Essay Help]: SSC174G Interpersonal Violence

SSC174G Interpersonal Violence. Choose 1 of the 2 chapters listed and answer one discussion question from each chapter you have chosen. Then reflect on your answer. See complete instructions attached. Chapter 5  Discussion Questions (Page 205) You may choose question 1 listed below. The battered woman syndrome as an “understanding of why someone kills” continues to be controversial. Even within the justice system, many think there is enough public and personal support for spousal abuse victims to get help, and not feel trapped. Do you think it should continue to be a legal reason, or should this defense be challenged again in the courts? Why? Explain. Chapter 6  Discussion Questions (Page 230) You may choose question 1 listed below. This chapter presents the added burden L&BT citizens face to seek out support if they are a victim of intimate personal violence. What societal factors do you think add to their burden? Why? Explain.

SSC174G Interpersonal Violence

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