[Essay Help]: SWP4LHE Human Rights, Law And Ethics In Social Work Practice

SWP4LHE Human Rights, Law And Ethics In Social Work Practice.


Individual written reflection and analysis of court proceedings that considers issues of access to justice as per the Law Council of Victoria’s Justice Report.


Individuals experiencing particular social and economic disadvantage may find there are significant barriers to accessing justice because of systemic flaws and service gaps in our justice system. The Justice Report (2018) identifies 13 such groups that are considered as priorities.

Students will select one of the ‘priority groups’ that interests them from those listed in the final Justice Report (2018) produced by the Law Council of Australia. https://www.lawcouncil.asn.au/justice-project/final-report

Students will then conduct online research into a relevant Victorian court process e.g.:

– A child protection application when a child is at risk of harm

– A criminal matter involving a young person

– An application for a Family Violence order

Students will then combine a review of relevant court processes accessed online with a media article discussing a court matter that highlights group’s access to the justice system. Students should select an article that:

– Discusses Victorian Courts (which may include Federal Courts operating in Victoria)

– Contains sufficient detail of a legal scenario to discuss in Assessment (parts 2 and 3)

– Includes discussion of how a legal process affects a particular group in the context of justice.


SWP4LHE Human Rights, Law And Ethics In Social Work Practice

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