[Essay Help]: The Pentagon Papers

The Pentagon Papers. The Pentagon Papers

a. showed that Nixon had no idea how to handle the war in Vietnam.

b. proved that Nixon lied when he promised during the 1972 presidential campaign that he would get America out of Vietnam.

c. showed that the government had lied to the public over major events in the Vietnam War to manipulate public opinion.

d. proved that massive numbers of civilians were murdered or abused by U.S. soldiers.

uncovered illegal campaign activities by Nixon and his staff.

The Watergate scandal began with a break-in at the

a. Washington Post.

b. Democratic National Committee headquarters.

c. National Endowment for the Arts headquarters.

d. Republican National Headquarters.

e. National Review.

Which of these was not enacted or created during the Nixon years?

a. Environmental Protection Agency


c. Pell Grants for higher education

d. Doubling of the budget for the National Endowment for the Humanities

e.Increased funding for the National Endowment for the Arts

Passed in 1972, Title IX is important because

a. It outlawed discrimination in employment based on race, creed, religion and national origin.

b. It required that educational institutions spend equally on women’s and men’s athletics.

c. It legalized access to safe and legal abortions.

d. It led to the nuclear disarmament.

e. It banned wiretapping of political candidates and government officials.

The activism of the 1960s ran into roadblocks in the 1970s, which included all of the following, except

a. The economic boom of the 1960s had turned into a recession.

b. Ethnic groups seemed poised to fracture any national unity the struggle for black civil rights had initially created.

c. American politics had reached its limits  and arguably its low  in credibility.

d. A conservative movement began to push back against the demands of women and minorities.

e. Some civil rights activists believed they had achieved most of their goals and disagreed with other activists over the need for further agitation.

Proposition 13

a. was the law that granted Nixon his pardon.

b. limited all further increases on property taxes in California to 2 percent per year and inspired similar legislation in other states.

C. was the order that got the final troops out of Saigon, Vietnam in 1973.

d. was a plan against stagflation authored by a group of MIT economists.

e. was a movie shot in Detroit at the height of the oil embargo.

All of the following is true about young conservatives in the late 1950s under the leadership of William F. Buckley, except

a. They opposed Great Society and New Deal-style government programs.

b. They opposed abortion and embraced traditional family values.

c. They advocated aggressive imperial expansion.

d. They urged tax cuts and less government intervention in people’s lives.

e. They were militantly anti-communist.

Stagflation is an economic crisis that combines

a. low prices and economic growth.

b. steady prices and decreasing output.

c. runaway high prices and declining jobs.

d. unemployment with a contraction in the money supply.

e. a contraction in the labor market combined with excessive regulation

Nixon is often called an accidental liberal because

a. he resented the Eastern Establishment.

b. he covered up his role in the Watergate break-in.

c. of his crimes of tax evasion and bribery.

d. of his commitment to liberal principles.

e. his preoccupation with getting reelected led him to advocate many liberal goals.

The Pentagon Papers

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