[Essay Help]: The Realms of Africa

The Realms of Africa. Perhaps no realm has been more thoroughly disrupted and transformed by the colonial experience than Africa. Slave-trading, European colonization, and the discovery of rich natural resources (ivory, gold, diamonds, iron, cacao, coffee, spices, and timber) influenced the cultures, economy, and politics of each African nation as we now understand them. In this Discussion, you will explore a specific region of Africa in the context of how these external and internal factors shaped the people and events of today and draw connections to how the role of geography can impact cultures and future events.


To prepare for this Discussion:




Consider the variety of natural resources found in the region of Southern Africa (including, but not limited to the nation of South Africa)


Reflect on the impact colonization had on South Africa, and the effects that still play out today


With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3 a summary of the region of South Africa, including pre- and post-colonial information about culture, economy, use of natural resources, and the overall impact of European colonization on today’s events in the region.

There is no page requirement. The assignment just needs to include the discussion points which have been listed.

The Realms of Africa

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