[Essay Help]: The Struggle for National Reconstruction

The Struggle for National Reconstruction.

300 words answer one of this questiond from the attach document  Include references and citations where necessary

Please answer one of the following questions:

  1. Many people believe the failure of Reconstruction was primarily a failure of leadership; how might of the outcome of Reconstruction been different had Lincoln lived? (Chapter 15)
  2. Why did white southerners (and groups like the KKK) use terror as a weapon in their journey to regain political control of the South? (Chapter 15)
  3. In 1865 the South began to enact Black Codes targeting freed slaves; how can this action be considered a turning point in Reconstruction? (Chapter 15)
  • The Struggle for National Reconstruction

    The U.S. Constitution does not address the question of how to restore rebellious states. After the Civil War, the nation had to determine whether the Confederate states, upon seceding, had legally left the Union. If so, then their reentry required action by Congress. If not — if even during secession they had retained their constitutional status — then restoring these states might be an administrative matter, best left to the president. Lack of clarity on this fundamental question made for explosive politics. In the early years of Reconstruction, the president and Congress struggled over who was in charge. Only by winning this fight did Republicans in Congress open the way for the sweeping achievements of radical Reconstruction.

The Struggle for National Reconstruction

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