[Essay Help]: Unethical practices in health-related research

Unethical practices in health-related research. Discussion Question

There have been several instances of unethical practices in health-related research such as the Tuskegee Syphilis study.

Sampling is a particular aspect of research planning that can be riddled with ethical dilemmas as described in the article Ethical Dilemmas in Sampling.

After reviewing the above article:

1. Share your thoughts on any ethical dilemma you as a researcher can anticipate given your selected research topic.

2. Given the potential outcome of your research, what are some ways you may apply ethical values and practices in creating your sampling frame for your selected research topic?

Selected Research topic: Is obesity associated with diabetes risk among Americans aged 35-45?

250-275 words, APA format, source cited

Unethical practices in health-related research

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