[Essay Help]: Using an Action Oriented Approach to Problem Solving

Using an Action Oriented Approach to Problem Solving. Using an Action-Oriented Approach to Problem Solving

Read and Review these basic processes: These web sites are also listed so that if the links do not automatically work for you, you can copy the link and paste it into your browser bar to search for the site.

  1. Using one of the two theories, apply the approach to a problem you have experienced.
  2. Using the steps in your textbook, write out your solution.
    1. For Ellis’ approach use the A,B,C,D,E method (p. 163).
    2. For Beck’s approach see Steps 1-6 (pages 162-165).

*Be sure to include a reference to a website or other resource that supports your point of view, but remember not to plagiarize work.

*For further information and study about Beck or Ellis, you can click on the links above to visit the website of the Beck Institute, the ABCT, or the REBT Network

Grading Rubric

Assignment Point Value
Adequately covers the topic
-Writing is within the required word count of 200 words
60 points
Organization-Uses correct APA format in paper as well as with citations and references. 20 points
Spelling/Grammar/Posts word count 10 points
Uses the required number and good scholarly resources (Two, and one may be your text) 10 points
Total: 100 Points

Using an Action Oriented Approach to Problem Solving

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