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Week 5 Discussion Forum Options Menu: Forum. Complete your Week 5 discussion prompt by Wednesday, 11:59pm with a minimum of 250 words and minimum 1 reference in APA format. TWO replies are required by Sunday, 11:59pm. Each reply should have a minimum of 50 words and have 1 reference in APA format.


A newborn exhibits signs of respiratory distress due to the lack of surfactant. She has signs of low oxygen and high carbon dioxide.

[1] List all the cells in the alveolus and their function. Explain why the lack of surfactant would result in respiratory distress.

[2] Using the carbonic acid buffering system, explain what is happening to the pH in her blood. What type of acid-base disorder might she develop and how would her body compensate?


Be detailed in your explanation and support your answer with facts from your textbook, research, and articles from scholarly journals. In addition, remember to add references in APA format to your posts to avoid plagiarism.

Week 5 Discussion Forum Options Menu: Forum

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