[Essay Help]: Write an essay on IHI Modules in Healthcare Improvement

Write an essay on IHI Modules in Healthcare Improvement. Please review one of the cases below and apply 2 of the IHI modules to the case and make recommendations for implementing quality improvement measures. Module topics are:

• Improvement Capacity

• Patient Safety

• Leadership

• Person & Family Centered Care

• Triple AIM

Case 1:


Case 2:

California State University, East Bay Department of Public Affairs & Administration


Case 3:


Case 4


Your paper should be double spaced using New Times Roman with 12 font. The paper needs to be APA formatted, (including references), and you must have a minimum of 5 outside of class references that are no more than seven years old. You may use class material as references but those do not count as part of the five. The paper should also contain:

o A title page, (not counted as part of the 5-7 pages) with the course title and section number. It should also contain your name, the date and your net id as well.

o Introduction—outlining the intention of the paper. This section should be a concise overview, (concise=1 page or less).

o The body of the paper should contain the logical and methodical review of the key elements to support your position.

o Conclusion—should look a lot like your introduction

o Reference Page-Not part of the 5-7 pages

o Appendix –this is fine if you find something you would like to share. This is also not part of the

5-7 pages.

Write an essay on IHI Modules in Healthcare Improvement

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