[Essay Help]: Write an essay on Self Esteem and Self Concept

Write an essay on Self Esteem and Self Concept. Self-esteem and and self-concept sound like the same thing, but according to our text (or other outside reading), how do self-concept and self-esteem differ? Based on your own experiences, explore in a journal entry (informal rather than formal academic writing) how each is impacted by and influences your communication with others. Submit a document (not Mac) or write directly into the text box. Approximately 500 words.

2. For this journal entry compose (write) a speech that will instruct a class about the types, strengths, and weaknesses of nonverbal communication. Length: 500-700 words.

3. Compose (write) a speech to give to a class that will discuss the process of effective listening. (Be sure to include the barriers that get in the way of effective listening as well as the tools that help to make certain that what one hears is what the speaker means). Length: 500 words.

4. Think of an instance in which you had an interaction with someone with a disability. Would knowing the “Ten Commandments for Communicating with People with Disabilities” have influenced how you communicated in this instance? Why or why not? (500 words)

5. Attend a small work group meeting so that you can observe it. Consider going to a city council meeting, a work group, committee meeting, board meeting, problem solving group, etc. It is important that you ask for permission to observe the group. Do not use names in your write up. If necessary, you may also watch a small work group in action on television, YouTube, or another format of your choice. (500 words)

Write an essay on Self Esteem and Self Concept

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