public budgeting

First, use the Internet to obtain a line-item or a program budget for an agency/department (if you need some examples, review Appendix 1F and 1G on pages 32-36).  After you locate the budget, select an agency/department that you feel comfortable writing a proposal for a new activity or function.  Please attach a digital copy of the first two pages of that agency/department budget with your assignment.

Second, using the Original Budget Request Form (the Microsoft Word template is attached to this assignment), determine how you (the Agency Director) can improve that agency/department by adding a new activity or function to the agency.  For example, you could create a new child care program within the human resources department.

After you decide whether to add a new program or function to the agency/department, you should type your responses on the Original Budget Request Form.  Remember, your job is to convince others that you have a good idea.  So, sell the idea.  You are limited to a maximum of $400,000 in your initial request.  You cannot use outside funding from other sources.